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Below you can find frequently asked questions we have encountered while serving Tuscon, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, Hereford, Huachuca City, Benson, Oro Valley, Casa Grande and surrounding areas of Arizona and answers on how to best budget your package as well as choosing between different window types including vinyl windows. We encourage you to contact our professional team with any other questions you may have or to call us at, 520-358-5224. A member of our professional team will be standing by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain more technical information on the CASCADE products you install?

Cascade Windows has an informative website you can access at If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please call upon us and we would be glad to find an answer for you.

What is Low-e glass?

See our page under Why Low-e Glass on the homepage banner.

How long is the process to replace my windows after I decide to order?

The process takes 3-4 weeks on average. Because the windows are made custom to fit each opening in your house, we expect the manufacture time to take from 10-14 days. When the windows arrive, we double check the order and then call you to schedule a convenient time to do your installation.

How are the windows installed?

We start by removing your old windows as carefully as is reasonably possible. After the old windows are removed and the opening cleaned up, we install our new windows. We follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, making sure the window is plumb, square and properly fastened and supported and that it slides and latches smoothly. Where necessary, we fill any voids around the window with insulation, prior to caulking it inside and out. On windows installed in masonry, we mortar the sills to provide even more support under the unit. We then perform any patching on the interior and exterior to complete the install.

Do I have to be home when the windows are installed?

Not necessarily. If arrangements have been made prior to the install for such things as access to the house, use of electric, arrangements for pets, how to secure the home when the work is completed, and the like, we can install when you are not home. If any child under the age of 18, is home alone, the installers cannot enter the house until a parent or guardian arrives.

If the installation will take more than one day, will my home be secure when the installers leave for the day?

Absolutely! We only remove as many windows as we can install that day. If an issues arises that prevents us from completing the work for that day, the installers will make sure the home is secure.

What will I need to do before the installers arrive?

Remove mini-blinds or window coverings from windows that are being replaced
Pull furniture back at least 24″ from windows being replaced.
Remove or disconnect alarm system on windows being replaced.
Arrange for containment of pets during duration of install.
Make electric available for install crew.
Decide where you would like the crew to begin, if you have a preference.

What will be left to do when the install crew leaves?

We strive to leave the job as complete as possible, with all necessary patching finished, and all necessary trim in place. However, we do not provide painting as part of the install job. Painting and painting prep, such as caulking trim, or filling nail holes in trim, is the responsibility of the homeowner.
You will also need to reinstall any window coverings you removed to allow us access to the windows. You will have to have your alarm company service your alarm and add sensors to the new windows.

What restrictions are there to the $495 per window offer?

The offer is valid on all windows up to 40 square feet in total surface area (such as a 4’x10′ or 5’x8′ window of any function.

The offer is valid on tempered glass windows up to 12 square feet. Tempered glass is required by code in some instances. The person performing the measure will make note of situations where this will apply.

The offer applies to first floor windows only. Second and third floor windows may be an extra charge. A site inspection is required to determine if any added fees will apply.

The offer is valid on locations within 75 miles of our shop location in Tucson, AZ. For worksites outside this perimeter, an additional trip charge may apply.

The offer is valid on windows being installed in all standard types of construction. These would include frame and stucco, frame and siding, slump block, CMU (with or without stucco,) baked brick and double red brick or red brick veneer structures. Other types of construction including manufactured homes, straw bale, vinyl or aluminum siding, unstabilized adobe and rammed earth would require a site inspection to determine if any additional costs apply.

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